About Us

SA Flyers is South Wales’ leading Leaflet Distribution Agency run by myself, Gemma Richards. My highly qualified team and myself specialise in quick, affordable and reliable leaflet and brochure distribution. We know that not all leaflet distribution and delivery companies are the same, but are confident that we shine through with the promise of high levels of accountability, excellent customer service and quality products.

Our strategic choices made as a company are what defines who we are. These in turn are based on our mission and core value.

Our Mission is to create excellent relationships with every customer we receive and also hope to provide long term jobs for people in their local areas, who know the best routes to deliver. Combining their knowledge with our mapping systems, this ensures high quality and accurate distribution for all our clients.

Everything we do contributes to the care of our staff and quality of service we provide. We take careful consideration to each client, and what they are promoting, along with the health and safety needs of our distributors.

Even if you are just thinking about getting in touch with us please just do it, we are here to help and will guide you on the journey that you will never look back on.

The Woman behind the Business

Gemma Richards is the Director and driving force behind SA Flyers.

Ten years ago, Gemma was facing redundancy from SA Flyers and at the age of 26 bought out the company, recognising the potential for growth and development if properly managed. When she acquired SA Flyers, she had no access to bank funds, developing the company on a gradual basis, funded from her own pocket.

At that time, SA Flyers was covering only four Swansea Post codes but she has built the company to cover 336 post postcode sectors along the M4 Corridor from Pembroke to Gloucester, Hereford & Swindon.

To develop a sustainable business, Gemma recognised the need to work with leading national brands. In 2010, she was awarded orders from Tesco and Specsavers. And today she works with 105 national retailers and 336 postcode sectors, delivering up to 3 million leaflets per month across the region. She has slowly but surely built a bridge of confidence in Wales with larger retailers. It has taken four years of hard work to get these larger retailers to put money into our areas with advertising due to issues they have experienced in the past with other similar organisations.

Each year, Gemma pushes SA Flyers in new directions, adapting the services on offer to suit the needs of her customers by being flexible and above all reliable. Under her direction, the company has grown year on year in line with her own knowledge and experience ensuring that expansion is manageable and practical without rushing to the finishing line.

She also takes a pro-active approach when it comes to growth and investment for the long-term development of the business. She is always looking for new opportunities in terms of expansion through a wider post code reach and has enjoyed a sustained increase in the number of postcodes national brands who actively choose to work with SA Flyers in ever-expanding post code areas.

Gemma’s contribution to the Welsh economy has been recognised by a number of organisations who have presented her with achievement awards in recognition of her success. In 2015, Gemma won the overall, UK award in the Entrepreneurship Category in the prestigious Women of the Future Awards held in London last October. She had to undergo an intensive interview process held at the office of KPMG in London, with Gemma being the only female finalist from Wales.

She was given this national award due to her entrepreneurial approach to business and was up against four women from national organisations; other finalists included industry leaders and even an Oxford Don.

The Women of the Future Awards provide a platform for the pipeline of female talent in the UK. Through the Women of the Future Programme the organisation has built a remarkable, informal community of influential women determined not only to build fruitful professional and personal relationships with one another, but to be advocates for an exciting new generation of business talent.

As a result of her success in these awards, Gemma was invited to become the first Woman of the Future Ambassador for Wales.

The Team

This is the team that are always available to help you with your advertising campaigns.

Colston Price

Colston Price

Senior Accounts Manager
Since joining as an apprentice in February 2018, Colston has progressed from Administrative Assistant to his current role as Senior Accounts Manager. Having learned the ins and outs of the company, he is able to help with all aspects from organising distribution to aiding with design and printing options.